[bluester] has been recognized as an important element for the digitalization of processes in the maritime industry and therefore receives support by the European Regional Development Fund.
The Marketplace for Ship Managers and
Suppliers of Maritime Support Services
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We believe in people cooperating and working together.
Therefore we dedicate our creativity to connect people and to make business easy.
Every decision we take is based on what we deem to be essential for good relations: sincerity and integrity.

Sebastian Peter Fischer & Christoph Oliver Kiese
Ship Managers source services
from all(!) service suppliers available worldwide
Service Suppliers market services
from ship managers from all over the world
Ship Manager > contract directly < Service Supplier               
Ship Managers receive service quotations:
- equipment-specific
- location-specific
- date-specific
- regulation/ requirement and need matching
- containing quality, legal, procedural, formal + price information
- in a format that is easy to read and compare
Service Suppliers receive service requests:
- actual
- equipment- and date-specific
- containing all business + technical information required to quote
- matching capabilities
- focus on availability, service quality, performance, reliability
  and business terms
[bluester] – we make connections – you make business!
Safety Services - Diving Services - Radio/ Navigation Services - Inspection of Lifting Equipment and Gear - Loadtesting
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[bluester] – we make connections – you make business!

What is [bluester]?

  • [bluester] is the first open global matching marketplace in shipping
  • [bluester] is 100% transparent
  • [bluester] is 100% unbiased
  • [bluester] is 100% impartial
  • [bluester] is 100% fair

What is [bluester] not?

  • [bluester] is not a search engine for the cheapest price!
  • [bluester] is not an online yellow pages!
  • [bluester] is not an online message board!
  • [bluester] is no cloud software or software on demand

[bluester] is a matching platform!

What do I need to use [bluester]?

  • Commitment
  • Credibility
  • Trustworthiness
  • Fair business attitude
  • Drive to develop shipping for the better

What does [bluester] do?

  • [bluester] matches Ship Managers with Service Suppliers for concrete and actual business
  • [bluester] is based on detailed requests and related detailed offers
  • [bluester] tells you exactly who you will do business with
  • [bluester] allows you to contract directly with your business partner after you have been matched
  • [bluester] enhances business quality through a simple, transparent rating system
  • [bluester] is helping to safeguard seafarer`s lifes

What does [bluester] not do?

  • [bluester] does not interfere with your own workflows and processes
  • [bluester] does not interfere with the way you do business
  • [bluester] does not require you to do any internal changes

Which services shipping companies source/ service suppliers market on [bluester]?

  • Safety Services
  • Diving Services
  • Radio/ Navigation Services
  • Inspection of Lifting Equipment and Gear
  • Loadtesting

What about my own and current workflow?

  • [bluester] does not interfere with your own workflows and processes
  • [bluester] does not interfere with the way you do business
  • [bluester] does not require you to do any internal changes

What about my control of business and confidentiality?

  • [bluester] keeps all your data confidential
  • [bluester] does not at any time disclose any identifiable data to other users or competitors (until you consent to do business with “your match”)
  • [bluester] keeps you in full control of all your business aspects

Why do you need to register to see what [bluester] is about?

  • [bluester] is a matching platform! It is not online yellow pages, not an online message board, not an online agency!
  • [bluester] matches the service needs of merchant vessels with capabilities of service suppliers
  • [bluester] only gives individual and concrete benefit – for exactly and only your own requirements and needs!

What are the benefits I get through [bluester]?

  • [bluester] is saving you money to source (Ship Manager) or market (Service Supplier) a service
  • [bluester] is giving access to all service providers and shipping companies at a finger tip
  • [bluester] is enhancing the quality of service and business by direct and fair feedback
  • [bluester] gives access to expert knowledge and auxiliary third party services at low cost

Who created [bluester] and who is running/ operating [bluester]?

  • [bluester] is created and operated by German industry experts (formerly assigned to DNV GL)
  • [bluester] is funded through a German Government loan
  • [bluester] is supported by major German shipping companies and international service suppliers

How much does [bluester] cost?

  • [bluester] is free of charge to Ship Managers
  • [bluester] only charges 1,9% of agreed contract amount as fee from Service Suppliers
  • [bluester] gives up to two contracts gained via [bluester] free of charge to Service Suppliers for a limited time!
  • [bluester] only charges per successful use
  • [bluester] has no subscription or hidden fees
  • Our described service, the sourcing of services through [bluester], is free of charge to Shipping Companies as long as this service function is not being misused by placing an illegitimate number of service requests which would harm the interests of Service Suppliers signed up to [bluester]. Rules of interaction are described in the [bluester] Terms of Use.

What will [bluester] do in the future?

  • Offer more auxiliary services to make managing, scourcing/ selling and execution of services more efficient
  • Offer expert knowledge at low cost
We are at your service to support your business!

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Hagener Allee 70c . 22926 Ahrensburg . (GER)
+49 4102 6076922 . mail@bluester.net
Registration Court/ District Court Lübeck (Germany) HRB 16376 HL . VAT-ID: DE305092639
Managing Directors: Christoph Oliver Kiese, Sebastian Peter Fischer

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